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Buddha Amitayus 12-inch Statue

Rs. 67,353

Statue height is 12inches / 30.5cms

Once in the distant past there was a prince known as Choeke Jungne. From an early age he was filled with a profound wish to reach the higher consciousness of an enlightened being, and acting upon his inclination to practice the Dharma, he renounced his kingdom to seek teachings from the Buddha of that age. He prayed to the Buddha to manifest a pure land where beings could pursue the path of Dharma without obstacles, and the Buddha answered his prayer.

Filled with meadows and lush forests, the realm of Dewachen is said to be free from worldly sorrows and their causes, a realm where everyone walks on the path of Dharma without hindrance. Amitayus, meaning lord of boundless life, attained full enlightenment in the realm of his prayer. It is said that he made a vow that any being who utters his name with sincerity as few as ten times will be reborn in his realm. Amitayus is also known as a deity of longevity and is worshiped to prevent untimely death.

Amitayus is depicted here cross-legged, adorned with golden ornaments. He is seated on a great lotus flower and his hair flows on the sides of his shoulders. On his head is a golden crown anointed with five precious stones while in his hands he carries a vase filled with nectar.

Our copper statues are created strictly following proportions as they are laid out in Buddhist scripture. The face of each statue is painted by our thangka section with a 24k gold paint, which has a matte look and reflects light similar to how skin does. The ornaments and hand tools the deity carries are then gold plated and adorned with semi-precious gems. Cast statue rests on a hand-beaten lotus base.

Learn more about statue-making at Norbulingka here.

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