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Home Meditation Set

Rs. 55,865

In Tibet, concern for the next life comes first, and much is invested in the spiritual. Until recently, all art work was spiritual in nature, as was much of the vernacular including basic furniture and accessories. It was fitting that Norbulingka share this heritage with the world in the crafting of a unique collection for Dharma practitioners. We have gathered here six objects to accompany your spiritual journey, a thoughtful gift or an important tool.

Each product can also be purchased individually and are linked.

Meditation table which is collapsible and perfect for supporting a prayer book, small altar and other religious objects. 

Travelers altar, designed and created by Norbulingka 
craftsmen, this portable carved teak altar can be taken anywhere. Closed, it displays a carving of the Dzipak, or time eater, and open, it reveals a 2in gilded Buddha statue.

A mala, considered a spiritual companion, and should be carefully chosen. We have the carnelian mala which helps to promote positive choices and motivates for success and aid in trusting yourself and your perceptions. 

Buray shawl, one of Tibet’s favorite silks - Endi in Hindi, a rugged, off white fabric. We use buray, woven at Norbulingka to make our large, enveloping meditational shawls, to make you forget about the world around you and find that within. 

Our wooden incense burner, simple and compact, comes in two parts: a box to hold the incense and another to burn it, the two fitting on top of each other. Perfect for the practitioner on the move.

Cushion, made in the style of the traditional Tibetan buden, neither too hard or too soft, this cushion has the perfect feel for the person sitting cross legged. Foldable, it is also easy to carry.

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