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Green Tara 12-inch Statue

Rs. 67,964

Statue height is 12inches / 30.5cms

Green Tara is said to embody the fulfillment of all beings’ desires, both worldly and spiritual. As one who grants beings’ wishes, she personifies good fortune, although unlike the worldly wealth-bestowing deities, the wishes she fulfills include liberation from ignorance.

She was once a princess named Jnana Chandra in a human realm. In her youth, she took a vow to achieve complete enlightenment in a female form and entered into deep concentration, focusing her mind on the dependent nature of reality and the task of benefiting other beings. She then made an oath to dedicate her entire future existence to the welfare of all beings.

The gesture of her right hand shows that she will guide those who aspire for Buddha hood to their goal, while the gesture of her left hand indicates that she is free from all ignorance, being therefore endowed with the authority and ability to carry out her intention to fulfill the needs of beings. Her white necklace represents the joy that arises when the obscurantist of ignorance are overcome, while the utpala flower she holds in her left hand represents the effort that is required to overcome these obstructions. Her outstretched right leg suggests her readiness to help any being in suffering.

Our statues are created strictly following proportions as they are laid out in Buddhist scripture. The face of each statue is painted by our thangka painters with 24k gold paint, which has a matte look and reflects light similar to how skin does. The hand ornaments the deity carries are then gold plated and adorned with semi-precious gems.
Cast statue rests on a hand-beaten lotus base.

Learn more about statue-making at Norbulingka here.

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