Norbulingka Institute is a self-sustaining NGO that has supported over 1000 Tibetan refugees for the past 27 years. Currently, we employ 366 employees. Our mission has been to create employment and to preserve Tibetan traditional art by passing on the skills of masters to a new generation of Tibetan artists.

Norbulingka Institute was chaired by His Holiness the Dalai Lama since its inception until 2015. Since 2016, we have been honored and blessed by H.E. Ling Rinpoche’s guidance as our Chair.


True to its mission, Norbulingka Institute has been sustaining on its own over the years through the sale of its high-quality products and two guest houses which allow for it to not only provide employment to 300 Tibetans, but also fund the following key initiatives:

- Training of artists and craftsmen/women in traditional Thangka painting, statue making, woodwork, tailoring and weaving

- Academy of Tibetan culture, which provides a 3-year solid Tibetan education in religion, grammar, history poetry, literature, medicine as well as foreign languages such as English and Chinese

- A research center that is working on an encyclopedia of Tibetan culture and history

- Compilation of His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s complete biography

- Childcare and medical care to Norbulingka employees 


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2. Donate here to contribute towards Norbulingka's social programs and other projects. Your contribution will go towards: 

-    Scholastic Research and HH Dalai Lama’s Biography Sections

-    Supports 18 staff in Childcare for 87 Children

-    Supports training of 25 students in Education & Apprenticeship Program

-    Supports 2 FT Nurses + Medical Supplies for Community

-    Supports Temple Maintenance

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