Curlicue Teepee Set

Rs. 14,731

Tibetan culture and society is rooted in pastoralism. Whatever their roots, Tibetans have a deep love for the outdoors and tents were an important feature and allowed for elaborate events to take place in any chosen spot. 

Norbulingka has a long tent-making history; our traditional indoor stand alone tents were very popular with kids. Our latest version is in a squared off teepee shape, a cozy corner that is attractive and can be put up in minutes in any setting, indoors or outdoors on a sunny day. Easily collapsible, it takes up minimum space.

Made of sturdy canvas screen printed in-house at Norbulingka, the curlicue motifs are inspired from the traditional Tibetan tents. The set includes the wooden pole, matching floor mat and round cushion.

57x45x45in (145x114x114cms)

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