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Paradise Flycatcher Ambiance Lamp

Rs. 10,313

The Paradise Flycatcher is not a bird found in Tibet, but is a common sight in the lush Himalayan foothills, the temporary home of many Tibetans in India. The Paradise Flycatcher is a common sight in the Norbulingka gardens.The male is white with a long tail that undulates behind him as he flies from tree to tree. The female, more compact and coral red, stands nearby tending to the nest.

Light up your interiors with our beautiful ambiance lamps. Crafted from teakwood and screen-printed cotton canvas, the design is inspired by the method a thangka painter uses to stretch his canvasses. With room for two bulbs, this lamp bathes a whole room with softly diffused light.

Can be disassembled for easy transport.
Small: 23x11x6inches (59x27x15cm)
Large: 36x15x9.5inches (91x38x24cm)

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